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Pipe and Containment

Pipe & Containment

SAMD supply all below-the-forecourt engineering equipment. We are distributors of Franklin UPP pipe systems, the piping system of choice for many of the world’s leading fuel retail companies, as well as Zeppini forecourt engineering solutions of Brazil.
Supporting our customers, we also provide contractor equipment installation training and accreditation ensuring that your contractors are fully compliant with engineering standards and installation best practices. Furthermore, we can do your bill of materials scoping and preparation as well as project management and audit services to assist you with engineering compliance standards during the construction phase.
SAMD also supply related dispenser sumps, tank sumps, overfill protection and entry fittings, shear-valves and couplers – everything you need to configure your forecourt.


UPP is the leading lightweight, flexible, non-metallic pipework system for above and below ground fuel lines. Environmentally safe, UPP pipe and fittings are the design standard for some of the world’s largest fuel retailers. The system’s electrofusion welding system creates a system that is very strong, flexible and easy to install.
UPP is constructed from PE100 high density polyethylene with an inner un-pigmented EVOH layer which is seamlessly and permanently bonded to the structural layer, with no permeability.

30 years experience, 20 million meters of pipe installed in 48 000 sites across 160+ countries with no pipe failures or loss of product into the ground.

SAMD represent Zeppini of Brazil products in Southern Africa. Zeppini design and manufacture to a high-standard all forecourt engineering equipment. They are the product of choice for side-entry filler sumps (unique to African markets) and particularly mechanical entry and coupling systems, dispenser sumps and fittings. Call our sales team and they’ll help scope your solution for you.